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Naturism in Portugal had its first historical record around 1920, linked to Portuguese Naturist Society, of which the anarcho-syndicalist José Peralta was a prominent member.Nudity was already being practiced on “Costa da Caparica” beaches. With the deployment of the dictatorial regime, the naturist movement were limited to vegetarian and alternative medicines, since nudity was banned, and associated with the crime of "indecency". Only after the end of dictatorial regime in 1974 (April, 25th) the activities linked to the practice of nudity was resumed.

The FPN- “Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo” (Portuguese Naturist Federation) , founded on the 1st of March,1977, at a meeting in Lisbon,

Since its foundation the FPN has applied to join INF/FNI-International Naturist Federation, which was then represented in Portugal by the Portuguese Vegetarian Association, which succeeded “Sociedade Portuguesa de Naturalogia” in this task.

The FPN was admitted to the International Federation in October 1977 and and attended its World Congress, in the following year , already entitled with a right to vote.

FPN immediately started to established contacts at the highest level, focusing in the development of legal practice in Portugal. For this purpose, a meeting was held the day after its founding with the then Secretary of State for tourism .

In its continuous struggle for the recognition of Naturism, in 1988, only a little more than a decade of various contacts, campaigns, advances and setbacks, the FPN managed to see the first Naturist Law in Portugal discussed and approved at the Portuguese Parliament , as it can be read in "the Naturism & the law" .

The Portuguese Naturist Federation became the coordinating entity of the naturist activity in Portugal, federating several clubs and associations, maintaining specialty cores and organizing some activities aimed preferably at its federated members, without forgetting the essential role of promoting a naturist practice in order to develop the physical and mental health of the human being, in particular, through natural means, favouring its integration in nature.

Over the past 30 years, the FPN has achieved important "goals" that constitute a reference landmarks for all naturists. Some examples are: the laws 92/88 and 94/24, the recognized official beaches of Meco, Bela Vista, Ilha de Tavira (Barril), the opening of the first naturist activity in a council swimming pool and in a health club, and the suppoort given to the development of infrastructures of tourist accommodation, like the campsites “Quinta dos Carriços”, “Quinta das Oliveiras” and “Monte Barão”.

FPN is the only accredited Federation in Portugal for the issuing of the "Naturist Identity card", useful and necessary to all who wish to join, with advantages in "naturist world" and in the diversity of their national and international offer.

The FPN accepts as its members all people who share their principles and agree with the objectives listed in their "Statutes" .

FPN has its headquarters in Lisbon, at Rua da Quinta das Lavadeiras, Nº 14 Loja A .

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