Monday, July 28, 2014

ENY Youth Rally at Solaris Croatia

Youth Meeting

28 Jul - 8 Aug 2014

Where: Solaris Naturist Resort near Porec, Croatia

The event at the Adriatic resort offers a wide range of social and sporting activities for young naturists, including body painting, beach Olympics, football, volleyball, barbecues and discos.

ENY Youth Rally at Solaris Croatia for young people between 14 and 27. €250 for 12 days including entry to Solaris Breakfast and Dinner in the restaurant and tourist tax.

You could bring your own tent. 

Please note there is a limited number of participants for this event.

Friday, July 4, 2014

INF: Focus June 2014

Federation Focus
June 2014

Welcome to the June issue of Focus. We apologize for the delay. Everyone is very busy with Congress preparations so translations took longer than expected.


The INF-FNI Congress 2014 will take place from the 11th to the 14th of September 2014 in the Lough Allen Hotel and Spa, Drumshanbo, Ireland.
  • Deadline for federations to nominate delegates: July 11, 2014
They must arrive at the INF General Secretariat by that date. You can send them by: Given that email is not always reliable, we recommend that you call the office at +43 (0) 7221 72480 to confirm receipt.
  • Fax: +43(0) 7221 72358
  • Postal mail: INF-FNI, Eduard Nittner Strasse 14/6 Hörsching A-4063, Austria
But if you are sending by postal mail, you are responsible to ensure that they arrive at the INF office by the date stated.

Important: you must reserve your room and register for the congress with the INF.

Don’t forget to reserve your room:

Documents will be posted on the Download Centre as they become available.

Helpful Information:

While many of the delegates who attend the INF congress have many years of experience, there are always new people too. We welcome them. Here are a few hints that will help them understand the process:

    • While Federations are allowed only one official delegate, there are no restrictions on the number of other people who can attend as spectators.
    • The delegate’s travel expenses are subsidized by the INF through a credit applied to the fees paid by the Federation. The amount of the subsidy is determined by the EC and varies depending on the distance travel. It is not meant to cover all costs.
    • Only the official delegate may sit at the table, speak, or vote.
    • To understand the procedures of the Congress/GA, see the section on the Regulations for INF Assemblies. They can be found in the download section of the INF website under “2014 Congress” http://www.inf-fni.org/content/download/10649/395889/file/20140226%20GO-FO-RO-EN%20(1).pdf
    • Simultaneous translation is provided for the official delegates in the 3 official languages of the INF. (English, French & Germans)
    • If space allows, seating is provided for spectators. Some limited connections for simultaneous translation may be provided for spectators. But it is not guaranteed.
    • While the meeting is important, the discussions held during the social opportunities before, during and after the congress is where much of the work is done. Delegates should make an effort to meet as many other delegates as possible outside of the official meeting.
    • It has become custom for some Federations to bring things to distribute to all delegates. (Examples: magazines, brochures, small trinkets, etc…)
    • Traditionally, a few Federations also bring a gift for the hosting Federation and hosting club/resort. The gift is usually related to the Federation’s country.

2016 Congress Proposals

The INF has received a proposal from the New Zealand federation to host the 2016 congress. The final decision on the location of the 2016 congress will be voted on by the delegates at the upcoming 2014 congress in Ireland.

The members of the Central Committee are requesting that any other proposals for the 2016 congress be sent to the INF in advance of the 2014 congress. In the past, proposals have been made during the congress which has created confusion. We would like the opportunity to evaluate proposals in advance and ensure that the federations making the proposals of aware of all the requirements.

It has been suggested that the 2016 congress should be held in Europe. It is true that for a few decades it was a tradition to hold the congress outside of Europe every 10 years. However, this is not a requirement. In fact, that pattern was broken when the congress was held in Brazil in 2008 – only 6 years after the 2002 congress was held in the USA.

Any federation interested in hosting the 2016 congress should contact the INF office as soon as possible.

June 28 - July 6, 2014 Austria

July 28 - Aug. 8
Camping Solaris, Croatia

Sept. 11-14, 2014
Lough Allen Hotel & Spa
Drumshanbo Co Leitrim

Sept. 26 - 28, 2014 Netherlands


Remember to tell your member clubs to keep their listing up to date. They can login and edit their own club listing. If they have forgotten their login or need to register, just tell them to contact the INF.

About Focus

Focus is published by the INF for its member federations. You are welcome to redistribute it to your members or use any of the content in your local country's publications. If you need any of the texts or images in another format, please contact the INF General Secretariat at: naturism@inf-fni.org

We also welcome contributions from member federations. Please send us news about what is happening in your country and we will share it with the rest of the world.

Focus is published in February, April, June, August, October, and December.  The deadline for material to be included is the end of the month prior. e..g. July 31 for the August issue.

Central Committee of the INF:

Sieglinde Ivo (AT) - president@inf-fni.org
Mick Ayers (ES)- vicepresident@inf-fni.org
Rolf Beat Hostettler (CH) - treasurer@inf-fni.org
Assessor Europe:
Bernd Huijser (NL) eu-assessor@inf-fni.org
Assessor Non-European countries and Publisher of Focus:
Stéphane Deschênes (CAN) ww-assessor@inf-fni.org
President Legal Commission:
Hervé Begeot info@inf-fni.org

INF Office Hours:
Wednesday – Friday, 8h00 – 11h00

British Naturism 50th Anniversary Gathers Pace

Back in 1964, British Naturism (BN) was formed by a merger of the British Sunbathing Association and the Federation of British Sun Clubs. Naturist clubs back then realised that one strong national organisation presented far more opportunities than having two separate bodies, with similar purposes and aims. BN today is a vibrant national organisation which promotes the amazing, healthy and liberating naturist lifestyle, enjoyed by millions of people in the UK. As well as promoting the undeniable benefits of healthy social nudity, which encourage wellbeing and a positive body image, as well as boosting confidence, BN also works hard to campaign for greater acceptance of our way of life.

This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and our varied programme of events is really starting to gather pace.

Our travelling display is making its first outing on April 19th and 20th in the Bertrand Russell room at the Conway Hall in Holborn. With a fascinating narrative of our rich heritage, this is certain to attract a good audience. For further details see: http://www.bn.org.uk...ary-exhibition/.

Over the border, we are proud to be holding our second Scottish weekend at the Glenmorag Hotel in Dunoon from April 25th to 27th. Last year's packed event included a 'Burns in the Buff' evening, which was the talk of those attending for some time afterwards. This year we may even top that! For further details see: http://www.bn.org.uk...he-gathering-r7

Much further south we head to the English Riviera for our popular Torquay weekend, also on April 25th to 27th. Held at the Grosvenor Hotel Torquay, this promises to be a packed weekend, which includes a clothing optional garden visit. For further details see: http://www.bn.org.uk...n-at-torquay-r6

Over the first May bank holiday weekend, we will host our annual Pétanque tournament at Broadlands, a large Naturist club site in Norfolk. Competitors from all over the UK will attend with the best representing the UK at the International tournament in the Netherlands in September: http://www.bn.org.uk...-tournament-r8.

BN Chairman, Judith Stinchcombe, said "Naturism continues to grow in the UK as more and more people discover the joys of social nudity. BN is proud to have served the interests of the UK's naturist community for the last 50 years, and we are looking forward to continuing to promote this vibrant and unique lifestyle for the next 50. It is truly inspiring, in this year when we celebrate our rich heritage, to see so many venues opening their doors to naturist groups, showing that our way of life is gaining increasing acceptance in the mainstream."

Note – media attendance at events is possible. Please contact us in advance.
Andrew Welch
British Naturism

T: 01753 481527
M: 07774 955138
E: andrew.welch@bn.org.uk

Change of FFN Presidency


The statutes fix two mandates of 3 consecutive years for the presidents.

It was at the general assembly on 12th April 2014 that my mandate came to an end, and it was right here to allow opening the diversity of contributions by new women and men.

I always had a great pleasure to work with voluntary teams, with generous judgements, listening to different points of view, yet respecting the fundamental values of naturism.
I will highlight four major points:
•    Reinstalment of the youth group.
•    Roll back of several commercial naturist structures.
•    Submission of the ministerial approval file.
•    Start of works on the new website.

According to the IPSOS survey of 2012, as confirmed in 2014, 10 millions French ladies and men are ready to “try” naturism. For that reason FFN has spent 85% of its expenses in 2013 to the development of naturism, namely 426.900,- €.

I strongly trust in the will of the new team lead by its new president Armand.

As Project Manager of “Why Naturism?”, leading the elaboration of documents about naturism, and as member of the committee, I will continue to cooperate with the elected people.

Many thanks to all of you who, each according to his/her own possibilities, ensure the development of naturism in our country!

Armand JAMIER:

Chairing the French Naturist Federation, means accepting the entire burden of a mission in which one believes, with power, determination, passion and respect. Sharing a passion for a naturism being a guarantee of health, of pleasure and of well-being, naturally in the spirit of friendship and of sharing to serve our mission for community education, source of guarantee of full personal development for each and everyone of us – that is our primary goal.

Communicate to tell our choices, to convince, to be heard, to allow sharing and adhering, to give a unique experience to live in a fulfilment of living together in mutual respect, is first rank evidence. I thank Paul of having “lovingly” dedicated to me thousands of hours on the phone, on Skype and mails.

Whereas for me my will of commitment to the society is totally personal, Paul is the architect of my training for the identity of our movement.

The team around me that is young, dynamic and motivated, will put all of its energy to the task of life education in society.

With new tools, new communication policies, ministerial and administrative agreements, the FFN acts on the entire country in the areas of education, culture, leisure, citizenship, social measures, the defense of human rights and living environment, the defense of the environment and natural heritage, the creation and integration of international exchanges.