Friday, May 15, 2015

2 - Support FPN - Portuguese Naturism Federation

2 - Support FPN - Portuguese Naturism Federation 

 The Portuguese organizations do not have a committee like Naturist Action Committee therefore they do by themselves “political” or lobby labor.

By contributing generously to FPN - Portuguese Naturism Federation if you can afford it could be a grateful way to help Federation and to support their work.

You can help by became a member like I wrote in previous post (1 of 8) or by donate a small amount.

For example a donation of 5€ is less then a coffee per month but will make a huge difference.

Even if you can't give financial help there are plenty of ways to support this worthy organization.

All Portuguese organizations published articles on social networks as needed to provide timely information on political and legal issues of consequence to Portuguese nudists and naturists.

Sometimes these alerts simply provide background information on an important issue.

But those alerts should include  calls to action for individual naturists and nudists to attend a public meeting or to write a letter or email to political representatives or government entities making decisions that affect the bare lifestyle.

However to be more active and to defend even more naturist and nudist rights our organizations need volunteers and staff.

Your help or work could make a difference between naked organizations RIP or Survive.

Nudist culture year in review 2013 Stopping the loss of public clothing-optional recreational areas

During this mouth I will adapt to Portuguese naked environment and post the 8 actions suggested by Larry Darter, stay tune on Walking Naturally blog.  

Adapted related topics:
Main article 8 strategies to support and defend nudist and naturists rights  
1 - Join an organization  
2 - Support FPN - Portuguese Naturism Federation  
3 - Come out of the closet
4 - Write to your local news outlets  
5 - Write to government officials  
6 - Create a blog about naturism  
7 - Network with other naturists
 8 - Get involved with local projects  

Credits: Adpated to Portuguese naked environemnt by Walking Naturally blog from article originally publish by Larry Darter visit is article

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