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Naturism - RIP or survive?

Portuguese naturists or nudist tend to take for granted all that we have , but the world is changing and sooner or later intolerance against naked life style will came to Portugal .

We are on the way to a less tolerant, more aggressive and more economic society.

The combinations of these factors are putting a huge pressure to all the achievements realized ​​by naturists and nudists until our time.

The international news along 2013 showed a clear setback acceptance of nude lifestyle, not in practitioners, but in bans outdoors spaces for practice.

USA, Spain and England are examples of publicized cases along 2013.

Articles referred in this post have been published last year and we was faced with a reality that pretend to destroy all the achievements and efforts we had accomplished so far.

Some of us probably more distracted and less attentive about did not realize that Portugal has followed the same path , the textile pressure on official naturist beaches like Meco were the naked spot is being " shifted" to south or the difficulty in creating more beaches even after they are traditionally used by adepts of bare life .

Our heritage was inherited by all who in the past fought and worked to our naturist law, or to turn official beaches and naturist use and custom spaces possible.

Now it's time to fight and defend all work done by those fellows, we own it to them.We can not forget to defend, to expand and to promote a naked lifestyle.

We can not forget that this is never ended work and currently this entire work is in a great danger.Adepts of bare life tend to think that naked naturist organizations are usefulness and may be superfluous, beaches are public and have free access, and think that they will be always there and continued to be even if we do not do anything to protect them.

This is a huge mistake and completed wrong, they exist because someone before us on behalf of these organizations worked and fought for them. They exist because someone before us contributed with their work and with their financial support , allowing naturist organizations to exist and to defend and represent us . Supporting naked organizations are the most important work we can do nowadays. It will be fundamental and will determinate their future survival.

They need financial support as we need in our homes, they also have expenses which are supported by the annual fee of associates or issuing Naturist membership card in case of Portuguese Naturist Federation. Only with our support , only with our work and above all , only with our union to defend all achievements made so far ​​and all we may realize in future we can defend and extend the work done by all those over the past decades have been contributed to the present.

Wake up to reality and support our organizations, do not forget that some of them had recently fallen.

Do it before it’s too late to the remaining or upcoming organizations. Defending the rights of all naked lifestyle supporters is here and now it’s mine, yours and ours duty, other’s will not do it for us. Supporting and helping a naturist organization, supporting your naked spots it is every naked fellow job and should be our lifetime goal as long as we love our naked lifestyle way of living. It’s simple to achieve, just offers your work, your donation or your membership to them.

Doing nothing means lost everything, means losing our heritage, means upcoming naked fellows will not find anything or any heritage made by us to them.

The fight must start now, do not wait, grab this flag and fight for it. Reed my quotes about this and follow link for full article: EZ activism strategies in support of the clothes free lifestyle Naturists and nudists today reap the benefits of the hard work and efforts of those who came before us.  

They accomplished positive things during a time when opposition to nudism and intolerance was more fierce than today. It is incumbent on every generation of nudists and naturists to work toward preserving the gains won by previous generations and hopefully to expand on them.

Over the past several years, hard-won gains are being reversed. On several beaches that had been clothing optional for decades, nudity is no longer permitted. For whatever reason, society as a whole is noticeably shifting towards moral conservatism.

There has always been opposition to the nudist and naturist lifestyle but today the opposition has become more organized and more vocal. As a result it has been successful in convincing local governments to remove clothing optional access from many areas. Apathy and inaction on the part of the naturist and nudist community bears part of the responsibility for what has occurred.

Now, more than ever it is critical that naturists and nudists act in order to stop the loss of clothing free public areas.  

There are some very simple and easy ways that every naturist and nudist can get involved and help support and defend nudist and naturists rights.

Many of them don't require a big investment of time or money.

Some can be done right from home.

Suggested by the author:

Nudist culture year in review 2013 Stopping the loss of public clothing-optional recreational areas

During this mouth I will adapt to Portuguese naked environment and post the 8 actions suggested by Larry Darter, stay tune on Walking Naturally blog.  

Adapted related topics:
Main article 8 strategies to support and defend nudist and naturists rights  
1 - Join an organization  
2 - Support FPN - Portuguese Naturism Federation  
3 - Come out of the closet
4 - Write to your local news outlets  
5 - Write to government officials  
6 - Create a blog about naturism  
7 - Network with other naturists
 8 - Get involved with local projects  

Credits: Adpated to Portuguese naked environemnt by Walking Naturally blog from article originally publish by Larry Darter visit is article

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