Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Support and defend nudist and naturists rights

Support and defend nudist and naturists rights 1 of 8

Join an organization that promotes naked lifestyle and that helps to protect the rights of nudists.

Choose one of the Portuguese naturist organizations and request your International INF Naturist 

Membership Card issue by Portuguese Naturism Federation (FPN) or join directly FPN.

In both cases you will get the International Naturist Federation (INF) membership card accepted or recognize worldwide.

By joining you are helping local, national and international organizations.

It isn't nearly as important which organization you choose as it is that you choose one and join.

Sometimes it seems these organizations are not doing enough but all do what they can with the resources they have available.

Many of them are seeing declines in members these days which limits their influence.

There is strength in numbers and every organization will be better able to advocate for and defend naturist and nudist rights with larger membership bases.

Also, it shouldn't stop with paying your dues and getting the membership card.

Get involved where you can with the organization. Most have volunteer positions that never get filled.

Also, hold them accountable when you find issues they should be involved in but aren't. Membership has its privileges!

Learn how to join Portuguese naked organization here.

Annual membership fee from 22.5€ to 40€, depending on age and chosen organization.

Suggested by the author:

Nudist culture year in review 2013 Stopping the loss of public clothing-optional recreational areas

During this mouth I will adapt to Portuguese naked environment and post the 8 actions suggested by Larry Darter, stay tune on Walking Naturally blog.  

Adapted related topics:
Main article 8 strategies to support and defend nudist and naturists rights  
1 - Join an organization  
2 - Support FPN - Portuguese Naturism Federation  
3 - Come out of the closet
4 - Write to your local news outlets  
5 - Write to government officials  
6 - Create a blog about naturism  
7 - Network with other naturists
 8 - Get involved with local projects  

Credits: Adpated to Portuguese naked environemnt by Walking Naturally blog from article originally publish by Larry Darter visit is article

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