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Monday, June 30, 2014

O Natural: Opinion, by Sieglinde Ivo

To celebrate  the World Naturist Week, our affiliate Club "CNC - Clube Naturista do Centro", issued a special edition of  their magazine "O Natural".

For this edition they sent an invitation to the President of INF via Portuguese Federation office. 

This article contain a great opinion to all of us, and we will seed this magazine edition to all federations as suggested by Sieglinde.

We challenge all Portuguese affiliate Associations and Clubs  to follow this idea and work together with the Portuguese Federation and International Federation to seed all information and explanation about our life style and philosophy. 

Opinion, by Sieglinde Ivo

"O Natural" will be released as a special edition and furthermore I am pleased to congratulate youfor this step. 
Especially naturists, as we are, cannot do enough advertising for our movement through printing magazines or via Internet. Although there circulate many publications, we have to explain our way of life in order to border ourselves from negative statements. 
We live in harmony with nature, protect it and just feel free, easy and good without any clothes. Of course we accept other people´s opinion, but we would like to emphasise, that we also wish to get accepted without any prejudice.

Portugal is a beautiful country and has got many opportunities with its long magical beaches to use it for naturists. Compared to other European countries Portugal has much more days of sun and therefore it is beneficial to develop and support naturism in this region.
Through a publication it is a further step in this direction in order to use and keep the freedom for naturists unconditionally.

As a symbol I hand over this bunch of flowers and I wish you all the best for your campaign and I surely forward your magazine to all federations.

With best regards
Sieglinde Ivo
INF-FNI President
Em português (in Portuguese)

Articles in this special edition:
All articles will be publish in CNC  Portuguese Blog.  This will allow an easy translation of all articles.
    Find here all online editions of CNC magazine:

    Saturday, February 22, 2014

    Quinta dos Carriços - naturist camping


    You will find your fellow-naturists in a separate and secluded valley.

    This valley has spacious and peaceful camping-sites and is equipped with its own sanitary facilities

    A variety of well sheltered naturist beaches are in the vicinity with luxuriant vegetation.
    Naturist card holders issued by Portuguese Naturist Federation get 10% discount.

    On "Quinta dos Carriço" you can live with nature, an engaging and wonderful atmosphere in the heart of the Natural Park of Costa Vincentina in western coast of the Algarve.

    Just a short distance from several naturist and beautiful beaches , is also a perfect spot for nature lovers, birdwatchers, surfers and scuba divers.


    Quinta dos Carriços comprises 15 ha., divided up in various "zones" with their own character, space and privacy.


    The valley and surrounding hills abound in trees, plants and flowers, flowering in winter, spring and even in mid summer.

    Founded more than 30 years "Quinta dos Carriços" is one of the most popular camping parks in the Algarve and offers a spacious naturist area, which can accommodate campers with their tents, caravans or campervans.

    There are also one apartment available for rent in naturist area, comprising lounge, kitchen, bathroom, double bedroom, terrace area for grilling (BBQ) and yet also to rent a caravan for two people with kitchen.

    The Naturist Zone has its own area of ​​showers, with bathrooms, hot water showers and sinks.

    The park also has a small supermarket, always well stocked, with the bar-restaurant, located in the textile area.

    By car:
    Those with own means of transport should use the A 22 (Via do Infante) from the Spanish border or from Faro in the south or the A2 from the Spanish border (Badajoz) and/or Lisbon.

    37 04' 31.54" N
    8 49' 52.82" W

    Public transport:
    Trains from Lisbon and Faro (both airports) to Lagos. From there by coach.
    A bus stop is in front of the entrance.
    Mapa de Localização

    Phone: + 351 282 695 201

    E-mail: quintacarrico@gmail.com

    Website: www.quintadoscarricos.com