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Sunday, June 29, 2014

WBF - World Bodypainting Festival

World Bodypainting Festival, 2014 Trailer 2 from World Bodypainting on Vimeo.

Since 1998 the most colourful event in the world has taken place in Carinthia, the wonderful south of Austria. The festival has a very long tradition and founded the modern bodypainting art movement.

Artists from more than 40 different nations will do their best to stun and entertain visitors at the 17th edition of the World Bodypainting Festival, the world championships for Bodypainters. 

High quality Art creates a special experience for all visitors of the Open Air art park "Bodypaint City".

The venue is situated on a peninsula in the middle of Pörtschach and framed picturesquely by the turquoise lake Wörthersee. 

Additionally this charming place offers a varied range of bars, cafés and restaurants, ideal possibilities for the WB Academy program and the side events.
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