Friday, May 2, 2014

Naturviana: naturist campimg

NaturViana want to be a naturist camping rural, with family environment, with a maximum capacity of thirty tents (ninety persons).

NaturViana have also a cozy and a large capacity pool and landscaped gardens this entire area.Set in a small mountain on the north coast of Portugal, in a beautiful and natural area, 382 meters in altitud between Viana do Castelo and Ponte do Lima, and 70 kilometers from the "Porto" and 80 kilometers of "Vigo" (Spain).

This magnificent place, situated on top of Serra da Padela, it is possible to admire the wonderful views of the Lima river and part of the northern coast of Portugal! As an example you can see the Gallery: "Zonas de Interesse Turístico".

For more information: 

Adress Largo de Agros, Sta. Leocádia, Geraz do Lima
Post code 4905-551
Place                                                         Viana do Castelo
Phone +351 258 778 183 / +351 925 927 527
E-mail: info@naturviana.com
Website: www.naturviana.com
GPS: 41.6826700, -8.6738600
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