Friday, March 11, 2016

Naked Club’s Video Streak edition 1

Video Streak will be a regular short blast of reporting from the naturist/nudist world using a dynamic hosted format that is informative and entertaining.

Short segments will share the social nudity experiences of individuals and groups in a variety of locations and situations around the world. "Naturism" is an expression of the normalization of the clothes-free body in a social atmosphere that is not charged with sexuality. 

Most modern cultures indoctrinate us with the idea that being nude, if not in private, is intrinsically a sexual provocation. Every enlightened and thoughtful person in the world knows this is nonsense. The experience of being nude in a broader setting is truly liberating and should not be denied to anyone. Social interaction becomes more honest when barriers are down. 

Experiencing nature becomes more connected and sensual. Naturism is ultimately about becoming a more conciliatory human... with the world and with other humans.
This first edition of Video Streak only shows a few activities by our group, Naked Club. And the hosts have been added after the fact, digitally. In future we will more actively report on-the-scene and we will encourage those on-camera to tell us about their experiences. 

The presentation format will be faster paced and more dynamic. Edition-1 is just a first attempt and we realize it is a bit long and spends too much time on each item presented.
We are open to receiving suggestions, invitations, submissions, ideas, contributions... 

We are looking for people who can shoot video (and photos) at places and times that are difficult for us to get to. Please get in touch. nomad@naked-club.org
Realistically it is going to be a month or two before edition-2 is available. 

As we work out the format and establish sources for reporting we would like accelerate to the point where it is a weekly show. 

To this end we will need to find sources of funding - featured resort segments, perhaps?
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016



We invite all naturists who love a clear sea to join us on a wonderful cruise on the Adriatic! Imagine yourself to wake up in a comfortable cabin, take a walk along the deck and jump into a clear blue sea. Naked! As you were born. Every day swimming in different bays of Dalmatia. Evenings spent in the idilic islands' towns or in a secluded bay that allows us night swimming. With a little luck we will meet the dolphins. We will travel with a luxurious cruise ship: »Otac Nikola«.

About MS Otac Nikola:
Built in 2006 as a luxury class ship carrying 32 passengers. The cabins are spacious and the decor and furnishings are warm and inviting. Features include a spacious sundeck, A/C 14 cabins with ensuite. In the lower deck there are 3 twin cabins (bunk beds) and 3 double cabins, on the main deck: 4 triple cabins (double + bunk bed) and on the main deck 4 double cabins. Plenty of space for sunbathing and socializing (150m2) on the main and upper deck, with deckchairs. Easy access to the sea.

PRICE: 650,00 EUR/person (main and upper deck) or 600,00 EUR/person (lower deck)
INCLUDED in the price:
• FULL-board (first day we start with lunch and finish with breakfast the last day)
• welcome drink
• water
• towels
• harbour taxes
• cruising on a boat Otac Nikola 4* - route reccomendation: Trogir – Pučišća – Vrboska/Jelsa –Vis – Modra špilja /Komiža – Lastovo – Vela luka – Pelješac – Trogir

NOT included and optional:
• transfer from your city of departure, but can be arranged!
• Secure parking for a week: 50,00 EUR/vehicle
• drinks consumed on board (except water)
• additional excursions (guided sightseeing of cities, diving, etc)
• tips

CLOSING DATE for reservations: till March 18th 2016!!! Reservation will be confirmed when payed 150€ / person. For more information and reservation contact Maja on +386 31 524 610 or write an e-mail: majapenko33@gmail.com!